The Fashion Trend Rule

Fashion can sometimes be truly intimidating.  As we sit comfortably in our worn-out PJs to watch fashion shows and red carpets, where gorgeous models and celebrities, in their perfect bodies “of course”, can literally wear a raincoat as a dress and still be “In style”, because they are backed up by famous designers, is normal to get dispirited.


Each season has different trends marked by famous designers.  In their effort to stand out some can be very “creative”.  Then “fashion experts” will critic and comment on what is cool and what is not.

If for a moment you would even consider wearing such an outfit, chances are that the non-celebrity circle that surrounds the rest of us wouldn’t approve such a thing.  Not to mention, will you even have a worthy occasion to display such an ensemble! Or even more, can you afford it?


I see fashion in a very different light.  Trends are not a set of rules but rather guidelines from which you can select and adapt those that fit your personality and style. 

Each season gives you the opportunity to revamp and renew your outfits. 2019 is just starting. Spring will soon be here and with it, you will have more opportunities to try new styles and to reinvent yourself.    Hard working people like you and I can’t afford to change an entire wardrobe every season, but we can, most definitely, readapt, readjust and renew our garments to fit every season, or at least most of them.


As crisp but warmer weather approaches revamp your outfits by adding layering pieces in trending colors. Yellow seems to be a dominant color for the upcoming season and ‘80s style is making a comeback with puffy sleeves tie dye, neon, and patchwork among others. 


Accessories are a very affordable way of altering different styles and readapting or reusing some of your wardrobe pieces.  Reuse your blazers with shorts or a jumpsuit, or you can pick up a tartan suit, jacket or pair of pants that features the classic pattern in unique and bold colors, such as red, blue, green and yellow.

Now you are ready to accessorize. Long necklaces, charms and chunky pieces in bold colors are a must this season.  When possible, adjustable necklaces are a better choice because they give you the option to alter the length and adjust the look for different outfits.

So the fashion Trend rule is...  trends are only a guide, not a rule.  Don’t let fashion intimidate you.  Be creative and above all, have fun with it!

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