About D' Handmade Creations


Hello there! My name is Daisy. I’m married to an amazing husband and supporter, mother of two amazing young adults and a friend to many. I'm a lover of all things chic, sassy, and unique.


My passion for crafting combined with my  vision for style has given me the opportunity to create, not only my own jewelry and accessories, but also to display my style for my friends and family.

Personally, I don’t parallel style with age. I believe that every individual is as unique and as fashionable as their heart desires.  I guess that having a teenager that frequently scavenges your closet or asks for your fashion advice, gives me a sense of pride and a confidence boost.

I have always been attracted to distinct and versatile jewelry and accessories that express or redefine your style, giving you the opportunity to continuously reinvent yourself. 


I’ve always appreciated a comfortable style while still looking great. Above all things, I enjoy being unique, and when people started noticing my work, it made me wonder if it was worth sharing this passion with the world.  After getting many compliments and requests from family and friends to create something unique for them,  the light bulb went on.  Obviously, “I’m not the only one who appreciates uniqueness and versatile sophistication”. This is how D’ Handmade Creations was born, My once a hobby of creating my own jewelry and accessories is now a business that gives me the opportunity of sharing them with you.


My goal is to bring you my favorite handmade  pieces, all born from an inspiration, a thought, or a memory of something beautiful and to offer you a unique piece that will sure to make you stand out from the crowd.  Quantities are limited to ensure that you will BE THE ONE!


D' Handmade Creations has that special something for everyone. My collection is so versatile that you can dress-up or dress-down and still be in the spotlight. I hope you’ll find that "just-perfect" gift that will make someone’s day or that special piece that will frame your style and outfit to bring you joy every time you wear it. 


D' Handmade Creations, BE THE ONE!

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